Men – if you are new to therapies, don’t worry, all our treatments are very popular with men of all ages.
Our senior therapist was a nurse so please be reassured by her heightened sense of professionalism and discretion. Let her deliver the treatment that is best for you.

Sit back, relax, enjoy.

Bloke Chat & a few words from our medical Director:-

Reasons why every bloke should have a facial:

  • Men produce more oil (due to higher testosterone levels) and when not cleaned properly oil clogs pores, leading to blackheads and pimples.
  • A facial uses skin products suitable for your own individual skin type and will help the oiliness without drying it out.
  • The therapist can offer you a controlled, clean extraction of clogged pores, without the risk of damaging your skin.
  • Shaving causes irritation to even the most robust, thickest of skins with “razor burn” causing irritation and pimples.
  • A facial will deep clean bumps and soothe irritated skin.
  • The cleansing, exfoliation, aromatherapy oils, masques and moisturisers applied in a facial will alleviate these annoying side effects of shaving and your skin will become smoother, as well as fresher looking.