Massage for Men


Aromatherapy massage

Our aromatherapy massage uses a healing blend of chosen essential oils — to suit you and incorporates acupressure techniques. The massage works from head to toe to relieve you of stress and tension.
A personal consultation ensures that you receive a treatment to suit your specific needs.

Types:        Deep relaxation        Invigorating        Energising

Indian Head Massage

This massage really works.
A complete Indian Head massage includes the head, face, upper back, neck shoulders, arms as well as the head. We work on these areas because these are the areas of tension.
Indian head massage is carried out with you seated in an upright chair.
Indian Head Massage is excellent for many stress related problems

You will feel revitalised and very, very relaxed.

Benefits include:

  • Relaxation
  • Relieves headaches & migraine.
  • Help for disturbed sleep and insomnia.
  • Help with mental tiredness and tension.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Relieves stress & anxiety.
  • Relieves sinusitis & congestion

Back, Neck, shoulders 30 mins£28.00

Indian head massage 45 mins£32.00
Aromatherapy massage – back, neck, shoulders – 30 mins£28.00
Purifying Back Treatment£35.00