Aromatherapy massage

Our aromatherapy massage uses a healing blend of individually chosen essential oils. The massage works from head to toe to relieve you of stress and tension; leaving you with sense of calm and complete relaxation.

Acupressure points are incorporated into the massage which will help with many common ailments and promote healing from within the body as toxins are eliminated and circulation and lymphatic drainage improved.

A pre -treatment consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment and aromatherapy blend to suit your specific needs.

Full body 60 minutes £38.00
Back, neck, shoulders 30 minutes £25.00

NEW Candle Wax Therapy Back Massage – £28.50

Using organic plant wax candles with pure essential oils and smells divine too.

Candle worth £13.30

Massage – £28.50

Choose to take the candle home with you – £37.50

Remember you can use the candle for a deep hand treatment instead of your usual hand cream

This massage really is something special, to ensure the most relaxing experience that goes on long after you leave for home. The luxury candles melt at a much lower temperature than other candles, meaning, the wax, which is made of the highest grade essential oils, can be used for massage.

Indian Head Massage

This massage really works

If you are looking for relaxation and total switch off, try this

Indian Head Massage is a therapy that works on areas where we store all our tension i.e. scalp, face, upper back, neck and shoulders.

The treatment uses aromatherapy oils to achieve a calming sense of relaxation.

Indian Head Massage is excellent for many stress related problems. You will feel supremely relaxed and revitalised.


Benefits include:

  • Relaxation of the whole body.
  • Help in the relief of tension headaches.
  • Help for disturbed sleep.
  • Help with mental tiredness and tension.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Relief of emotional stress.
  • Helps relieve sinusitis
Indian Head massage (includes head, neck, shoulders) 45 minutes £30.00

Swedish massage

The mother of massage as we know it.

This is the traditional massage using firm pressure that stretches and tones your muscular tissue to release toxins and increase circulation. It stimulates lymphatic drainage, getting rid of toxins to create a state of relaxation & wellbeing.

Tired, aching areas will be soothed to leave you relaxed and revived and skin tone improved.

A pre-treatment consultation will ensure that we can adapt your massage to suit your needs.

Body (back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck/shoulders, feet ) 60 minutes £38.00
Back, neck, shoulders 30 minutes £25.00

All clients will have a consultation prior to any massage treatment