Freezing Time with the help of Botox


20 % of all clients of our Plastic surgeon are men – of all ages.
Men want to look subtly younger by removing and reducing lines around the eyes, forehead, between the brows.
Party time: The demand for non-surgical treatments shows defined peaks at certain times during the year, with an influx at the pre-Christmas and holiday season.


Myth Buster :

Q: Botox will make you look like you’ve had work done?
A: No
Botox facial treatment, with a cosmetic Plastic surgeon, subtly smooths out the lines, reducing wrinkles around your eyes, across your forehead and between brows.
No-one needs to know – you will still look like you.

Q: Botox treatment takes too much time out of your day?
A: No
Botox can work round busy schedules. Treatment takes around 15 minutes, requiring no recovery time.
We have Botox clinics until 21.00 most evenings and we have a weekend clinic too.

Q: Botox facial treatment costs more for men than for women?
A: No
Please be assured we DO NOT charge more for Botox for men.
We know that some clinics charge a further 20% for male clients.
With us you will pay the same price as our women clients, regardless of the size of your forehead.


1 area £215.00
2 areas £270.00
2 areas £320.00