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Foot Peel Treatment

Get those long neglected dry and cracked feet summer ready with a callus & dry skin peel.

Callus peel£22.00
Callus peel + Pedicure£40.00

*** Highly recommended to kick-start your foot care at the beginning of the season, to get them holiday ready or if your feet are very dry and cracked.

What the treatment involves:

  • A warming peppermint & tea tree foot soak to begin.
  • A Specialist formulation patches or a solution is applied and feet are wrapped in a plastic wrap for 15 minutes.
  • The wrap is removed and the loosened callus is scraped away.
  • The feet are filed & buffed .
  • A rich moisturising aftercare cream is applied.

The callus peel can be incorporated as part of a Pedicure treatment or a “shape and paint”.

The treatment takes 25 – 30 mins approx’ and of course results are dependent on the extent of hard skin and it may take more than one treatment to achieve the ultimate result.

We love this treatment.

Manicure for men

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You shave, shower, cut your hair. So, why not take out the time for your feet?